About us

get to know a little about our purpose and our skills

Our history

Geografia was formed in Australia in 2006, with the aim of bringing the techniques of complex systems analysis to how we plan for, develop and live in our cities, towns and regions. We now work around the country, as well as in SE Asia and Europe.

We are a multidisciplinary team conducting research and developing insights in demography, economics and spatial planning to inspire leaders and decision-makers to create a better future for communities around the world. We bring together more than one expert in a range of fields and techniques.

Our team skills

  • Demography 33%

  • Economics 33%

  • Spatial Planning 50%

  • Data Analytics 75%

  • Applications Development 25%

  • Consultation 60%

  • Strategic Planning 50%

Our Team

Kevin Johnson

Managing Director

Kevin leads Geografia's systems modelling work in economics and demography.

Matt Benson


Matt's experience spans infrastructure and spatial analysis in Asia and Australia.

Shoaib Burq

Geospatial Applications Developer

Shoaib works on high-performance and scalable apps.

Dean Magee

Senior Analyst

Dean uses data, statistics and machine learning to solve complex client problems.

Sophie Fitzgerald


Sophie focuses on quantitative analytical and modelling projects.

Thomas Devitt


Tom specialises in economic development and impact studies and cost-benefit analysis.

Cesar Nicolas

Project Researcher

Cesar specialises in infographics, map design and other aspects of Geografia's communication.

Owen McCormack

Business Development Manager

Owen discovers and develops business and web application development opportunities within Geografia's domain.

Nicki Booth


Nicki brings diverse skills to stakeholder engagement and social impact assessment.

Daniel Hernandez

Geospatial Analyst

Daniel is responsible for mapping and geospatial analysis.

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We are always interested in working with people who are passionate about geography and spatial analysis.

Our Associates

Tom Wilson


A leading demographer, Tom works with Geografia on population modelling.

Liz Grainger

Governance & Finance Adviser

A Board director of Geografia, Liz also provides commercial services in business case development and financial analysis.

Marianne Stoettrup

Consulting Economist

Marianne collaborates on economic modelling, planning and land use studies.

Tim Nott

Urban Economics Adviser

Tim partners with Geografia on larger scale economic planning projects.

Shashi Karunanethy

Consulting Economist

Shashi applies his experience in urban economics and demand modelling to Geografia's projects.

Our clients

We work for all tiers of government, the private sector and not-for-profit entities: any organisations or people who need to understand complex economic, demographic and spatial data.