Geografia is the Greek term for geography - a three thousand year discipline that explores the interaction between people and places

Forecasting and analysing how our populations change
Modelling and planning our economies
Spatial Planning
Planning the future of our towns and cities


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Ideas and News

A survey of over 300 businesses found that millions of dollars in increased productivity and up to 1,000 more jobs could be generated by rolling out the NBN in just three industrial precincts.

New open data sets released by government provide fresh insights for planning our cities

Some metropolitan job clusters are going to be easier to grow and there may be ways to predict which ones

Our Team

Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Managing Director
Kevin leads Geografia's statistical, economic and demographic modelling.
Matt Benson
Matt's experience spans infrastructure and spatial planning in Asia and Australia.
Matt Low
Senior Associate
Matt concentrates on Geografia's work in strategic planning and spatial economics.

Shashi Karunanethy
Research Consultant
Shashi applies his experience in urban economics to Geografia's projects.
Nicki Booth
Project Consultant
Nicki brings diverse skills in qualitative research and consultation.
Troy McNamara
Spatial Analyst
Troy works on Geografia's mapping and spatial analysis.

We expand our capability by working with highly experienced associates who complement our in-house skills.

Tom Wilson
A leading demographer, Tom works with Geografia on population modelling.
Liz Grainger
Liz assists Geografia with finance, corporate governance and strategy.
Tim Nott
Urban Economist
Tim Nott partners with us on larger scale economic planning projects.


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