Geografia is continuously building websites, applications and decision-support tools for our clients.


Spendmapp is a web-based application which allows you to analyse real bank transaction data across different spending categories, locations and times. You can use this information to guide planning, policy, investment and economic development decisions.

Online demographic profiles

We build online demographic information portals for clients. These emphasise an easy user experience for navigating lots of demographic information.

Online population forecasts

We prepare population forecasts for lots of our projects. Some of these are integrated into customised websites.

Decision support

We work with clients to develop mobile and web-based decision support tools and expert systems to help them be more effective decision-makers. These tools integrate both qualitative and quantitative dimensions to the decision making. The City of Melbourne's Land Use and Infrastructure Model (LUIM) is a recent example.

Interactive atlases

We develop online atlases to help visualise and communicate the results of modelling and analysis. Spatial economic data is dynamic and deep. Rather than presenting this in static maps and tables, we prefer to compile interactive, online atlases for clients to explore and understand their economies in as much detail as they wish. Our seniors housing land suitability app is one example.