Working towards the future of NSW

The team at Geografia is very pleased to say we've just started working on the small area population forecasts for the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

new priority precincts tile 430x278.jpg

These forecasts will become the official State forecasts to be used to guide infrastructure, service and facility planning throughout the State.

We're also pleased to welcome on board the team for this project, Dr Tom Wilson our long-time colleague in demography and Rob Camm from Cube Group, who is assisting on project management of this large, complex and fantastic project.

One of the more interesting things about how we're doing this job is that we're building the forecast model in Python for its ease of use, future sustainability, and ability to remain at the cutting-edge of modelling technologies.

We'll be handing the model (along with extensive training) over to the DPE at the end of the project in April next year.