Geografia’s Applied Urban geography Award - 2020

Now in its second year, Geografia’s Applied Urban Geography Award at the University of Melbourne’s Department of Geography has recognised an outstanding student. The scholarship is awarded to one student each year who has completed a geography major in a Bachelor of Science or Arts and are enrolling in a respective Honours program or a Master of Geography with a thesis in applied urban geography.

Geografia Board Director, Liz Grainger awards the prize to Alexander Rossiter

Geografia Board Director, Liz Grainger awards the prize to Alexander Rossiter

 This year the prize was awarded to Alexander Rossiter, a Masters of Geography candidate. Prior to commencing his thesis, he completed an undergraduate degree in economic and urban geography at Victoria University of Wellington.

His research will focus on the concept of ‘financialisation’ in Mauritius. Financialisation describes the ways in which economies have become geared towards economic services. In Mauritius this has seen the growth of financial service sector over the past few decades as textiles, agriculture, and manufacturing have declined. 

Alexander is going to examine the ways in which Mauritius’ economy has been transformed by the finance sector, and the implications of this growth on new urban landscapes. His award money will help with his thesis costs.

This scholarship is part of a five-year agreement Geografia has with the University of Melbourne’s Geography Department to encourage students specialising in economic and urban geography. We wish Alex the best with his masters and future endeavours.  

Welcome Alex!

Geografia this week welcomed to the team it’s new Geospatial Analyst, Alex Wycherley.

 Alex comes to us from the renewables sector, where he spent his time mapping and modelling large-scale wind and solar projects. In a previous life he also worked in the foreign aid sector and his academic background is at the interface of development, health, public policy, and geospatial science.

 Alex steps into the shoes of Daniel Hernandez as the resident GIS expert, so he'll be busy compiling and analysing spatial data, and along the way, making sure the maps look good. As it happens, like Daniel, Alex also speaks fluent Spanish, so Geografia’s collaborations in Santiago and beyond are still in safe hands.

 You will no doubt be seeing Alex’s work in our upcoming publications, so be sure to keep an eye out for those flashy maps.